O Lord, our God, we love you will all our heart, soul, strength and mind. Wrap us in Your light. Feed us with Your word. Inspire us with Your glory. Protect us with Your mercy. Guide us with Your Holy Spirit.
Let us be good shepherds of our wealth in You, that through Holy Spirit, we shall be Your witnesses to the struggling, the brokenhearted, the sick, the lost and the proud into Your eternal grace.
O glorious Lord, Your blessings are infinite, and we are so unworthy. Only through Your son’s name we pray:



Oh, merciful Father, I pray that You comfort Your daughter in her time of need. Lord, do not let this cancer consume her. Give her Your strength so that she may come to glorify You more. Father, hear my prayer. Let her know You are there.


  • R’s mom S, who passed away today. Lord, remember her. And, merciful Father, please protect and remember the three children she left behind.
  • A, Lord, it is so hard for me to understand why You took her husband and son home, but I know it is for Your glory. May You give her the wisdom and You amazing love so that she may come out on the other side of this.
  • S and H, in their troubles, Father, please give them comfort and peace. Let them know You will and Your plan for marriage. If it is Your will, let it be done.


  • The Q family, Lord, please give them strength and comfort to deal with this death and celebrate the life of their loved family member. they really need You right now to wrap them in Your merciful arms
  • A, Lord please give her the strength and clarity she needs to be the best stepmom she can and to be at peace with her actions knowing how invaluable she is to A.
  • J, please please please Lord, give him the direction and motivation he needs to get a job! I know that where You point Your finger, You clear the path.


  • J, that You keep working in him drawing him closer to You, and ease his anger
  • C, help him find his place and know how much he is loved by You
  • K, Lord, let Your will be done, he is so joyous, please let him keep that as long as he can
  • D, Oh merciful God, watch over him and keep him safe in your arms (and away from the sharp objects)
  • A, please help her and A. find peace, and understanding in their time of need.
  • D, watch over him in his illness, do not let the cancer get the better of him ***UPDATE: D’s surgery was successful. He is recovering slowly, but nothing further has been detected. I will continue to pray for him.
  • A.N, that she will find comfort and peace no matter where in the world she is and that You protect her all during this illness ***UPDATE: A. made it back to the States to begin treatment and it is going along successfully. Hallelujah!
  • S, that You provide her with clarity about her business future, that she will know Your will when she hears it
  • P, Lord, let him feel Your presence and know when You are working in His life and that You have a purpose for him
  • A, let him heal and see that even in such a traumatic event he can see Your mercy
  • S, let her know Your glory when she looks into her son’s eyes and keep D wrapped in your arms

Your will be done. Amen.

*All prayers that have been answered in some way will be italicized.*

**If anyone is in need of prayers, please do not hesitate to comment or send me an email. I will be glad to add you to my prayer list.**


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