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Tonight was “Family Game Night” at the Huntington. I have to say that although I am a walking zombie (if I hadn’t already had mono I’d sware I have it now), I am really glad I went. I wanted my children to be part of this service, and to meet people, and I know that I waste a lot of precious time when I become self-serving and lazy.

So, I helped (and I use that word loosely because it always seems to be under control when I get there) Angie. I played Uno with Christian and a fifth grade boy, Ian. I lost both times. I met Andre who is absolutely adorable. And a woman and mother won the spa gift certificate I contributed. Oh, how I love God and the peace He brings when you [I] do His work.

So, I asked Ian (or he volunteered, I cannot remember) to be the photographer. I haven’t looked over the pictures, and since I have lost the device I need to connect the camera to the computer, it appears I will not really see how well he did until later (hopefully sooner). When that happens, I’ll post them.


And, again I took pictures. Wanna see?

and my mom took pictures (very few sadly):

So, Randy got a haircut (shave) ala John yesterday. We did before and after pics. He took most of the before pictures and on his phone, and I’m not sure I took a final after pic, but the final progression is funny enough in the pics I do have, so I thought I’d share.



And, of course Dalton wanted his hair cut too. And since my mother has been nagging me about cutting his bangs, I let John trim them.

I think this new haircut will cause more people to say, “She’s so cute!”, what do you think?


here are the pictures from christian’s and my baptism at mickler’s on july 27th

angie says she has some of me going in the water, but i haven’t seen them yet.


i let him leave the house dressed like this?

my birthday, on the year i gave birth to dalton (can you tell?)

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