homeschooling journey

my increasing, revolving, perpetual, eternal list:

-to know and love the LORD

-be able to express themselves correctly, effectively, eloquently and confidently


Okay, so I feel a tugging at my heart to homeschool Christian. I lost hope (or doubted myself) before school started and stopped studying about homeschooling for a bit. I have been inspired lately, however by Charlotte Mason’s methods. Sara was right, I will have to say. She talked and talked about how thorough, accessible and Biblically-sound this curriculum is. I have been devouring all the information I’ve been able to get my hands on, and I have come to exactly the same conclusion.

I have not committed to anything, but I am thinking about it. And, like with all areas in my life, I think better when I write.

so, today was a weather day. and christian asked if i would “do school” with him today. i excitedly agreed. and it has been my intention to show my children (and fiance) that GOD is, in fact, inseparable from everything- that nothing exists outside of HIM. so, my homeschooling idea was to incorporate biblical truth into all aspects of learning.

since christian requested a lesson on division, i was lost as to which passage in the Bible would have anything to do with it. and, like the faithful GOD HE is, through HIS Holy Spirit, I felt HE was leading me to the story in Matthew, Chapter 14 of the Feeding of the Five Thousand. With 5 cut out loaves of paper bread and 2 fish, also paper, I made my first attempt at a Biblically based homeschool lesson (and probably the first planned lesson of any kind). I challenged the children to make 5000 pcs and 12 basketfulls left over (whatever that would be) out of these 7 paper objects. Christian immediately came to the conclusion that that was impossible (and frankly too time-consuming), but Keegan made a noble attempt- tearing the loaves into 39 pieces and assuming that was close enough to 5000. In the end, however, we all came to a concensus that it was certainly a miracle. Here’s our attempt to feed the 5,000: