Tonight was “Family Game Night” at the Huntington. I have to say that although I am a walking zombie (if I hadn’t already had mono I’d sware I have it now), I am really glad I went. I wanted my children to be part of this service, and to meet people, and I know that I waste a lot of precious time when I become self-serving and lazy.

So, I helped (and I use that word loosely because it always seems to be under control when I get there) Angie. I played Uno with Christian and a fifth grade boy, Ian. I lost both times. I met Andre who is absolutely adorable. And a woman and mother won the spa gift certificate I contributed. Oh, how I love God and the peace He brings when you [I] do His work.

So, I asked Ian (or he volunteered, I cannot remember) to be the photographer. I haven’t looked over the pictures, and since I have lost the device I need to connect the camera to the computer, it appears I will not really see how well he did until later (hopefully sooner). When that happens, I’ll post them.


And, again I took pictures. Wanna see?

and my mom took pictures (very few sadly):

I have to say that today I sure had to pray for the energy to get everything done. And, I have made it (by God’s unbelievable grace!) –well, when I get Dalton man to sleep I will have been officially victorious. How funny it is that the small amount of things that seem so insurmountable without the help of the Lord. I’ve been thinking so much lately about what my husband said, that he believed God was just “too busy” to deal with all his things. Oh, I so pray he realizes how BIG his God really is. Our Father is so big. Big enough to create the heavens and the earth, big enough to save the entire world. He is certainly big enough to fill us with the little patience (or energy or grace or peace) we need. Oh, darling- never forget how big your God is. . .

The first annual service day for Chets Creek Church
Saturday, September 20th, 2008
Can you pray, give or go?

Here are the ministries we are helping on this day:

The Huntington at Hidden Hills Apartment Ministry
  • This ministry of Chets Creek Church began last year and is still in the beginning stages. Angie Coutts leads this ministry which involves on-site Bible studies, after-school tutoring, and other outreach activities.
  • Impact Jacksonville service day activities: Grandparent Appreciation Brunch for the community, interior and exterior maintenance/beautification
  • Volunteers Needed: 15-18
Beverly Hills Community Center (Northwest Jacksonville Project)
  • This community center is the site of a new Chets-assisted Celebrate Recovery ministry and outreach location for Abundant Faith Fellowship, the newest church plant of Chets.
  • Impact Jacksonville service day activities: helping to launch above ministries, general cleaning projects at center, face-painting, sports tournament and community cookout
  • Volunteers Needed: 30

Builder’s Care/Universal Design Solutions: Christian Home Restoration Project

  • Builders Care is a nonprofit division of the Northeast Florida Builder’s Association and works to repair deteriorated homes belonging to the low income, elderly and disabled.
  • Impact Jacksonville service day activities: assisting contractors to demolish and repair an inner-city fire-damaged home belonging to an elderly woman
  • Volunteers Needed: 25

City Rescue Mission

  • City Rescue Mission is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that has provided help to the homeless and needy in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida since 1946. CRM provides emergency and recovery services and strives to help people get back on their feet.
  • Impact Jacksonville service day activities: general cleaning projects, possible painting
  • Volunteers Needed: 15-20

Paul Avenue Baptist Church Ministry Center

  • This outreach ministry is located in the Larson Community and ministers to low-income families. Chets Creek has an on-going partnership with Paul Avenue.
  • Impact Jacksonville service day activities: block party, community cook-out, face painting, music, outdoor games and more
  • Volunteers Needed: 20-25

Seamark Ranch

  • Seamark Ranch is a non-denominational, Christ-centered childrens home that is committed to sharing the Gospel, hope, healing and a brighter future with abused, neglected, abandoned and homeless children.
  • Impact Jacksonville service day activities: indoor cleaning, outdoor landscaping (laying sod, planting flowers)
  • Volunteers Needed: 25-30
  • Minimus Age: 12 years

First Coast Women’s Services

  • First Coast Women’s Services is a non-profit organization committed to offering truthful information and support to individuals who are facing unplanned pregnancies.
  • Impact Jacksonville service day activities: general cleaning, carpet cleaning
  • Volunteers Needed: 10-15

Chets Creek Elementary School

  • Chets Creek Elementary School has been a big supporter of Chets Creek Church for more than 10 years. Help us express gratitude to them through service!
  • Impact Jacksonville service day activities: exterior beautification, faculty and staff appreciation and student encouragement projects
  • Volunteers Needed: 20-30

Hubbard House

  • For 25 years Hubbard House has been serving Northeast Florida with the mission of eliminating domestic violence in our community. This organization seeks to assist each member of an affected family.
  • Impact Jacksonville service day activities: painting a resident’s room and general cleaning
  • Volunteers Needed: 10-15
  • Minimum Age: 16 years

Florida Baptist Children’s Home

  • Florida Baptist Children’s Homes is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that provides safe, stable, Christian homes for children in need and provides for their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.
  • Impact Jacksonville service day activities: landscaping, interior cleaning and painting of campus buildings
  • Volunteers Needed: 20-30

Please, please think about these ministries, pray about them. And if God lays it on your heart to do something, whether it is to pray or to give money or time, please do it! We are so blessed, and so many of these people really need to feel God’s love for them. Until ALL have heard–

According to Rick Warren’s “Understanding the Bible Codes”, there are different ways of studying the Bible. This week in my Monday night Life University class, we are focusing on the third: The Character Study Method.

Here is the outline:

  1. Character Quality
  2. Opposite Quality
  3. Simple Word Study
  4. Cross-Reference Insights
  5. Simple Biographical Study
  6. Memory Verse(s)
  7. Situation or Relationship
  8. My [Your] Project
  9. Personal Illustration

Okay, so our computer crashed again. Again! Luckily I was already in bed when I found out and could forget about what a mess it was while I slept. But, then I woke up this morning and remembered when I tried to access my email (to write back to a lady who wants to pay $60 for TWO of our cats, mind you) and it was no longer saved in there- no address, no old email, nothing. Oh, Lord I pray she will write back. Not only could we desperately use the money, but Calypso and Grubble could really use a nice inside loving home. So, like always, His will be done- but if he wants my opinion, He knows I’m always ready to give it 😉

And, more importantly than the computer issue… I HAVE A JOB INTERVIEW! Can you believe it? Me, who casually sends out resumes with very little hope for a response- got one! And, honestly I am not sure what the job exactly entails as I could never understand through the static the name of the company. This I do know: it has something to do with teaching or tutoring, the office is at 9th and Pearl (downtown) and the interview is at 12:30 today. Wish me luck!

I woke up this morning at 6:15 after having tucked in for the night early last night at 8:30. I really need to renew my commitment to having quiet time with my God before the day starts. With the guidance of His Holy Spirit, I can do anything, but I miss His voice when I am rushing through the day, looking to myself for direction and worrying in my head about how I will get everything done. So, I have some time to pray and blog, and hopefully the children will be happy with the donuts I got them for breakfast (the breakfast of champions- it is chocolate glazed donuts, isn’t it?)

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