Tonight was “Family Game Night” at the Huntington. I have to say that although I am a walking zombie (if I hadn’t already had mono I’d sware I have it now), I am really glad I went. I wanted my children to be part of this service, and to meet people, and I know that I waste a lot of precious time when I become self-serving and lazy.

So, I helped (and I use that word loosely because it always seems to be under control when I get there) Angie. I played Uno with Christian and a fifth grade boy, Ian. I lost both times. I met Andre who is absolutely adorable. And a woman and mother won the spa gift certificate I contributed. Oh, how I love God and the peace He brings when you [I] do His work.

So, I asked Ian (or he volunteered, I cannot remember) to be the photographer. I haven’t looked over the pictures, and since I have lost the device I need to connect the camera to the computer, it appears I will not really see how well he did until later (hopefully sooner). When that happens, I’ll post them.